An Imaginary Life

by Orelia

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Wonder and wander in the innocence of imagination. Space helmets on a camel ride, in fantasy, try to hide. Corrupted minds, the adult kind, childhood that's left behind. Do you dream awake at night? Know that it'll be alright. Don't grow up in a hurry... I'm holding you, don't worry.


released July 10, 2015

2015 Music and Lyrics © Copyright to Orelia. Turner, C. Benson, T.

Vocals/Piano - Chelsea Turner
Drums/Backing Vocals - Troy Benson
Music Box/ Additional Sound Design - Chris Lambert

Recorded at Chapel Lane Studios 2014 by Gabriel 'Gabs' Agostino

Mixed and Mastered with Chris Lambert (aka Chris Bass) at dOgbOx studios 2015



all rights reserved


Orelia Adelaide, Australia

From the angsty depths of the Prog Rock wasteland emerge Orelia, a two piece tantrum of love, loss and trepidation. Combining melodic keys, edgy percussion and elegant harmonies, laced with honest vulnerability and experimental affinity; Orelia are a musical D&M to comfort you at the end of the world. ... more

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Track Name: Alice
Wait, a little more for me
I can find you on horizons, before you co out to sea
to fast, to make any kind of sense
I could cover you in honey
before you catch up to me now

La La La

Too many things you never understand
like why do caterpillars spin cocoons
come back as butterflies
as profound as it is when you try
to sit around and question the reasons why we die
it's not impressive

Alice, what were we to do?
No-one could be as good as you
people are like opium
that's a certain fact of science
and I'm sure,
that given some time,
we would have figured it all out

La La La La
Track Name: Quit
Waking up in a sweat,
full of regret,
what did I do last night again,
you're in my head,
gotta pretend it didn't happen

This is nothing to do with my addiction to you

Someone tell me to QUIT
this habit
is something I have got to kick
just one more hit
I want you more than I'll admit

This is nothing to do with my addiction to you

You're all that I see,
but you're so bad for me

Lying flat on the floor,
heart is sore
what the fuck is it all for
looking for more
wanting more, more, more, MORE

This is nothing to do with my addiction to you.
Track Name: Holiday
I'm on a Holiday,
I wanna getaway
I saw an ad for trans con time travelling
the risks are very few
and just look at the view
from this hotel room in 1819

Oh no it isn't cheap,
invite the family
we'll get a discount
for a bigger group you see
why isn't this sublime
the weather sure is fine
right here in sunny '69

Ever wanted to see Woodstock
just get into this time pod
no, you've never heard real music
until you been there

Oh nothing is as sweet
never felt so complete
than when I saw the turn of the Century
celebrate New Years Eve
in 1933
charge it to your credit card
and you'll be
drinking champagne in a jazz club
tell all your friends that you met Satchmo
no, you've never seen Chicago,
til' prohibition

Space Helmets on a Camel Ride
Track Name: Ghost
I just can't make up my mind
about anything
dive into the precipice
and go sailing

there's angels and Gods
that hide in these spaces
but I don't know their names
and I cant see their faces
I know that you're holding your arms out to catch me
but I'm falling
I'm falling

I don't stand the Ghost of a chance
when all that matters
is all in your hands
I don't stand the ghost of a chance
and it's too late now
it's too late now

Every hour that swings by
in these catacombs
I'm surrounded
by every unused
and latent thought

there's angels and Gods
that hide in these spaces
but I'm not really sure
if I know where that place is
I know that you're holding your arm out to catch me
but I'm falling
I'm falling

You should know the truth about me.
Track Name: Someday
Come back to me
Come back to me, before too long
Come back to me, come back
it won't be the same
I've got too many things
too many things in my room now
come back to me
come back, I swear that I've changed

I'll get away,

Come back to me
come back and it will be better
I don't care
I won't listen
to anything
and everything they say
I've got too many things
too many things I have to tell you
come back to me
come back and start over again

I'll get away